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easym - making mortgages simple

easym is an exciting mortgage brokerage company that wants to take the stress and confusion out of getting a mortgage and help people, especially millennials at the start the process of gaining a mortgage. For far too long applying for a mortgage has been a complicated, long drawn out and sometimes confusing process, with a never-ending stream of paperwork to be completed and information to be gathered. Transparency and clarity have been missing from the provider marketplace.

easym provides an alternative by offering a simple, easy and stress-free way of applying for and ultimately being approved for a mortgage. easym’s online service connects you to a team of highly experienced, approachable, helpful and passionate mortgage brokers who will ensure you find the best mortgage deal for you.

Created by leading mortgage adviser Matthew Barrett and brokers who had become disillusioned with the mortgage industry, easym has received Series A funding which means the company has funding to scale the structure and online portal of the business.

Matthew Barrett co-founder of easym explains “I have been in the mortgage industry for over 10 years, times are changing and we needed to create a model that simplified the process of mortgage applications and integrated sensible insurance requirements as and when needed. Easym will help people make the application and we hope to automate and communicate the process in the most seamless way possible, always compliant and with a support team monitoring due diligence and process to offer our customers complete peace of mind”.

The easym team prides themselves in providing quick, stress-free and transparent mortgage and remortgaging services. is, one of the first places you should try for a smooth mortgage process if you are buying your first home, looking to move or find a better mortgage deal.


An aspiration mortgage provider easym hopes to become the UK’s leading #PropTech business, with a focus on mortgages and insurance, working with a target demographic of 25 - 55. easym a company providing helpful, efficient, jargon-free mortgages advice and mortgages to people that may be put off by the usual methods of getting a mortgage.


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