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How long does it take to get a mortgage?

Mortgages can take up to 3 months to secure but depending on your financial circumstances, this could be arranged quicker.

It is important to have all your documentation ready to support your application like 3 months bank statements and 3 months of payslips, proof of address and proof of identity ready to give to your broker. This can help to speed up the process.

The lender will then assess your application, carry out a credit check on you and arrange a valuation of the property, which they will then review.

This may be quite straightforward or depending on any additional information they need, could take a while longer.

Applying for a mortgage online through easym will generally be faster than through a broker and within about 10 minutes you can fill in our online application, upload your documents and let us submit your application to the lender. Easy, quick and stress free.